Aria Aurora

Aria Aurora

By generating her image, identity, and music from the 5 most popular female artists of 2016, Aria (a solo voice) Aurora (goddess of the dawn) represents the collective product of the contemporary pop music industry. She exists to question the line between the real and virtual within celebrity culture and their continuous strive for a virtual like perfection which alienates us as consumers. She also exists to challenge where the future of music could be located as our increasingly virtual world continues to expand. 


The self-titled album cover cements Aria’s role as a artist in the music industry today. It was designed to vivify an apparentsense of familiarity, shared with the celebrity contemporaries that constitute her form, being designed to look virtual yet simultaneously humanistic.  


When together, the Instagram gallery illustrates the different aspects of Aria Aurora’s life as a pop artist. Each image has been appropriated from the artists that her image is derived from, allowing Aria to possess the same platform as other celebrities. 


The Virtual Reality music video enables the viewer to inhabit the same space as Aria, bringing her closer to reality. The melody in the video was generated using an algorithm that learns the formulae of the input data, rendering it a product of a number of melodies from the above artists.


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